Finding your reason to quit will help motivate you through your quit journey. Choose one that's really important to you.

Save money

Quitting is one of the best ways to save money. As a non-smoker, you’ll save thousands of dollars a year.

The average pack of 20 cigarettes costs around $40, making the savings for a pack-a-day smoker $14,600 annually after quitting.

Use our cost calculator tool to learn how much you have to gain.

You will also save money if you quit vaping. How much you’ll save depends on things like the type of vape you use and the e-liquid you buy.

You can feel proud of your decision to quit, and treat yourself with the money you save. You might choose to buy footy tickets, a new TV or go on a holiday. It’s up to you.

Feel better

The second you quit smoking, your body starts to heal. In time you’ll find yourself fitter, healthier and less stressed. Being a non-smoker has many benefits to how you feel inside and out. And the longer you stay quit, the more of them you gain.

See the health benefits

How your body repairs

Protect your loved ones

Being smoke or vape free is the best decision for the health of both you and your loved ones. You'll all feel stronger, happier and have more money.

Commit to quit. Protect others, including your children and pregnant partners.

How second-hand smoke affects others

Know the facts

Get facts about smoking smoking cigarettes or vapes.

Learn the truth

Last updated: May 2023