How to quit

Learn what to expect on your quit journey, what situations are risky, and what habits to replace.

Sign up for our support program

Our 12-week support program is tailored to suit you. It’s free and will support you through your My Quit Journey.

Get support from Quitline

We know quitting is hard. That’s why we have counsellors on hand 7 days a week to support you.

Use support tools and apps

Use apps to keep you on track! My QuitBuddy and QuitCoach are tools designed to motivate and support you.

Consider nicotine support therapy

Sometimes we need a little more help giving up. Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) may help manage your cravings.

Staying quit

Adjusting to a smoke-free life can be challenging. Our action plan will guide you through those tricky times.

Tips that can help

Helping others quit

If you know someone who wants to quit, we have some great tips and advice for you.

How you can help

Last updated: May 2024