Oh, definitely not. You're an individual, so what's going on for you may not be going on for someone else. We'll tailor everything to suit you and work out what's going to work best for you. So, first of all, a big part of the help is listening to what you have to say and hearing you out and what your smoking is like, and then asking you what you'd like to do with it. Whether you'd like to perhaps start cutting down or quit together and depending on what you wanna work on, we focus on those things.

If people choose to quit smoking cold turkey and just do it by themselves, they've got about a 5 to 6% success rate, calling the Quitline, using perhaps a product as well, having that support, having a plan, you're gonna increase your chances 4 or 5 times.

Yeah. So if you tend to only smoke when you're drinking, we can definitely talk about ways to overcome that and break that association down that habit down for you as well.

It may be if you're noticing that you're missing that smoke in your hand, hold a straw in that hand.

You can quit at any stage, whether you've been smoking for 30 years or whether you've been smoking for two years.

We know that if you quit before the age of 30. You'll experience the benefits of having quit smoking twice as much as someone who quits later on in their life. Things like financial benefits, health benefits, it's never too early to start thinking about quitting.


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Last updated: January 2023