Quit tip number six.

Quitting ‘cold turkey’ is a well-known method that's been around for ages. It means to stop smoking suddenly without any quit smoking aids or specialist support. All you use is your willpower.

While there is no harm or cost in trying to quit cold turkey, many people end up using some support or medications to help them quit successfully.

Expect withdrawal symptoms.

Cold turkey comes with no side effects except for the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal, which can vary depending on how heavy a smoker you are. If you smoke less than 10 to 15 cigarettes a day, the withdrawal symptoms may only be mild, but for a heavier smoker, the symptoms can be more uncomfortable.

Plan ahead.

It's worth planning ahead and preparing some distractions. To help you manage your cravings. Create a My Quit Journey account on the Quit HQ websitefor tips to distract you.

Get motivation.

If you need a little extra motivation, download the My QuitBuddy app or join QuitCoach, a free interactive website to help you quit.

For more information, visit the ‘Find support’ section on the Quit HQ website.

There's no harm in trying to quit ‘cold turkey’. If you try this method without success, it doesn't mean you lack willpower

Call Quitline on 13 78 48, and seek further advice and support to help you quit for good.

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Last updated: April 2023