Quit tip number five.

Medications prescribed by a GP are proven to be one of the most effective ways to quit and stay quit. In fact, they can double your chances. They're designed to block the effects of nicotine, reducing that rewarding feeling of smoking.

There are two common medications out there. Bupropion known as Zyban, and varenicline known as Champix. Both are listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme to help reduce their cost to you. No matter which one you're prescribed, they both have common instructions.

  1. Take the whole dosage. Do not crush, chew or break tablets.
  2. Start taking them while you're still smoking, then try and quit during the second week of using the medication.
  3. Complete the full course. Different drugs will have different course lengths—check with your GP or the packet instructions. Of course, with any medication, side effects are possible. You should talk to your GP before starting, and if you have any concerns.

Prescription medications are proven to be an effective way to quit smoking, especially when combined with coaching support from a service like Quitline.

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Last updated: May 2023